June 16, 2008

McCain to Declare Jordan as the New Palestine

According to this Ammon news source, John McCain's advisor has announced that the presidential candidate has adopted the "Jordanian Option" strategy, which declares Jordan as the newly formed Palestinian state. McCain's advisor sees it as the ideal solution, seeing as we already have millions of Palestinians and we're right there across the river. He also thinks there's no need to have a separate Palestinian state because it already exists within Jordan, and thinks that the royal family may remain if the "people" want them to stay.

I couldn't find any other sources to corroborate this, but if it is true, I say fashar! How ridiculous of him to think that Jordanians would settle to live in a Palestinian state or that Palestinians would settle to live other than in their own country! George Bush may not be the stupidest man after all.


Abdallah said...

i really find this intresting keep us posted please!!!!

Ma7mood said...

he can say whatever he wnts...i doubt he'll get elected as the next president..