July 7, 2008

News Clippings

  • The Lower House of the Parliament endorsed the controversial Societies Law introduced by the government. The law compels non-governmental organizations to declare their source of funding and obtain approval from the government to accept the funding. It also imposes steep fines, a prison sentence and seizing of the funds if the minister decides the funding is "not in conformity with the organization's goals". Don't you think it's funny all the trouble the government goes through to "legitimately" limit the Muslim Brotherhood's activities?

  • The Greater Amman Municipality is removing posters and banners around the capital that are in violation of the regulations. I have to say, I think the Municipality has been doing a wonderful job with improving the city. Numbering the buildings and putting up street signs. All very helpful. Suggestions by yours truly: change those archaic street names into something actually legible and ban these pickups with sound speakers selling god knows what . I can actually hear one right now. Oh, and please remove these florescent blue lights lining the streets.

  • The Ministry of Islamic Affairs is ordering mosques to only use sound speakers in prayer times. Mosques will not be allowed to use the outside sound speakers for Friday sermons. I think this is a very reasonable step, particularly in areas where there is more than one mosque. Clearly from the comments, people do not seem to agree.

  • Al-Yarmouk University is celebrating Independence Day today. Bakkeer?

  • As for news from outside the country: A Chemistry professor and his female student in Saudi Arabia were sentenced to prison and lashes for discussing research on the phone. The professor was sentenced to 8 months of prison and 600 lashes and the woman to 4 months and 350 lashes. The spokesperson for the human rights society in Saudi Arabia said he could not make a comment now.


secratea said...

"A chemistry professor and his female student in Saudi Arabia are sentenced to prison and lashes for discussing research on the phone.

reaction: WHAT THE FU**!!!!

"The professor was sentenced to 8 months of prison and 600 lashes and the woman to 4 months and 350 lashes."

reaction: WOHOOOOO!!! the woman got a lesser sentence.. someting progressive towards women's rights in Saudi! SIGH

regarding the Yarouk news.. jad ya 3alam, BAKKEER!

Mohanned said...

Limit the IAF activities? Seriously? The only ones granted freedom are the IAF and the salafists! The brotherhood has been in bed with the government since forever, maybe they disagree from time to time, but their marriage is eternal: you can refer to the article by Abdel majeed Thneibat in last friday's alghad paper where the title was: " man aghdab el 7aleem", you can't top that a$$ kissing..

On a side note: Some MPs are fussing about american penetration through some documents that float in the parliment, You know like asking for more freedom and such, but as we all know freedom is american so heck with it and long live autocracy..

imad said...

i enjoy these kinds of posts - a round up of interesting news clips. keep up the good work!

The Observer said...

"Oh, and please remove these florescent blue lights lining the streets."

Yes, please please please do that :)

Farah said...

Secratea, hmmm i'm not sure that's such a progressive step in terms of women's rights. I would've hoped for something in another domain, perhaps!

Mohanned, IAF members were the first to protest the law. I think they hate each other's guts, and the mase7 jou5 is a mere formality. But i'm no expert on political sciences so don't quote me on that.

Mohanned said...

Historically, the regime and the IAF has been allies against leftists, baathists,etc.. especially in the 50's but lately this love-hate relationship has been under some pressure, you know we can't demand half a billion dollars of aid from the US and have the IAF in great shape. And the government is now affraid that the hizbollah model is being implemented by the IAF: Offering substitutes to the government when to it comes to social responsibility, and the proof is the new governmental initiatives such as sakan kareem and others...But will they be able to sustain it? Oh, and by the way, the best thing that ever happened to the regime is the IAF.

They protest for Gaza, but never protest against any local issue except if the word israel is involved, what a better key chain to distract the society..

secartea said...

farah, i was being sarcastic!

Anonymous said...

The florescent lights lining the streets! I was confused to what lights you were referring, and as I passed Khelda Gas Station, I saw them.
'My eyes! It hurts my eyes!'
was my exact reaction.
What were they thinking?

Khalaf said...

Actually, the MB was registered as a charity organization to circumvent calling it a political party. Political parties were banned from 1958 until 1991, but the MB operated freely throughout that time under the guise of being a charity.

Being a charity and a political party are mutually incompatible, unless you don't think that giving people money will affect how they vote. The Islamists must be compelled to choose which role they want to play. Legal vote buying should not continue to be an option.

Ali said...

I wonder how did the Ifta in saudi know about the phone call between the professor and the student, do they tarck all phone calls, what about cell phones? do you think the Ifta can monitor cell phone calls between the whole population?
screw the Ifta in Saudi and the Saudi government that apoints them.