July 28, 2008

Solar Eclipse This Friday

At 1.34 PM Amman time this Friday, August 1st, a total solar eclipse is expected be visible in Jordan, and a partial eclipse in other neighboring countries. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon comes between the Sun and the Earth, blocking the Sun. Now eclipse or no eclipse, you shouldn't be looking directly at the Sun because it can cause blindness, but the reason we hear so many warnings about eclipses is because people are tempted to look and assume that since the light is dimmed it would be safe to look. So anyway, don't be stupid and look at the Sun. The whole thing will last less than two hours I believe.

: Damn it, third update so far. Will newspapers stick to one story please? Turns out it's not a total solar eclipse, but a barely partial eclipse (no more than 1%), that won't be even visible. So go out and look at the Sun. Okay don't but just to let you know there isn't going to be anything to see.


Ali said...

Cool, I will keep my eyes on that...oops I mean away

Farah said...

Ali, clever! :)

Anonymous said...

do you remember when they once made up a rumour about how people might get blinded if curtains were open during the eclipse!
haha and i was young enough to believe it.
i remember trapping myself in a dimmed room and waiting for it to be over.

Ali said...

I was in London 10 years ago during the eclipse and it was so beautiful