November 25, 2008

20% of Women Face Domestic Violence, 19% Have No Problem With It

The stupidity of the human race never ceases to amaze me, really. A recent scan conducted by the Department of Statistics revealed that 20% of married women suffer from domestic violence, and that 19% of women believe it's a man's right to punish his wife. As in beat her whenever he damn chooses. So if we assume that those 19% are married, only 1% have a problem with having the crap beaten out of them.

Sometimes I think what's the point of feminism here if women are content with all the injustice they're facing. Then I think that maybe it's their way of dealing with such an awful reality.

But here's something to feel optimistic about. In 2005, statistics showed that 87% condone violence against women.


Hareega said...

Well if you do the math, it's 5% not 1% that have a problem of being beaten up. That made me feel better

Anyway, it's reallly ironic on the image we try to give the world that women in Jordan are free and well-educated when one out of five are being beaten up. The 19% was a bit of a surprise, I wonder if it's an underestimate. I remember in 2005 the numbers were much much higher, approaching 80%

Qwaider قويدر said...

You know, this is one statistic that I was always looking at and very puzzled with it's results.
first of all, I don't believe the 87% figure who accept violence against women.
And now, I think the pendulum swung to the complete opposite. I think the figures have somehow been manipulated and conformed into a nice 20% something that is not a reason for concern. It's a phenomenon with 1 woman out of 5 being beaten and only 1 out of 20 beaten is actually discontent with that.
I would say, this is utter and complete crap! We have no idea what the margin for error, what the sample was and the methodology used. In other words, we're still in the total dark!

I believe that between 40 to 50% suffer from domestic violence (not less, and not more) But we need some really good statistic with large and wide enough sample to find the real numbers.

The reports say they surveyed 11000 women and 15000 families which is a huge discrepancy from the get go. But what's 15,000 compared to 2 million? 11000 compared to 3 million? It just doesn't scale. The sample is just too small (way less than 1% of the population)
Now I'm no statistics major, but that appears to me as a major HUGE speculation

Patricia said...

And what is the definition of domestic violence here? Physical, emotional and financial are the usual definitions. So who of the 20% were actually physically beaten? And is this just between married couples or with siblings, children etc. Strange though it may sound, men are victims of domestic violence too.

And I never believe statistics anyway. T

maroo said...

what an irony !!
4 me i think that this scan doesn't show any sense of logic .. 100% it has many issues , but the problem is what r they ?? and r the women forced to say that too ??!!!

Anonymous said...

the problem is that the scientific method of data gathering isn't widely practiced and understood here and so you find just anyone doing the sampling and calculations without understanding the limits of them.

The Observer said...

Women here are nurtured *very well* so that no to break the system!!!!!

We will wake up eventually!

a different perspective said...

"Sometimes I think what's the point of feminism here if women are content with all the injustice they're facing. Then I think that maybe it's their way of dealing with such an awful reality."

The point of feminism is to educate women who are content with all the injustice and let them know their rights. Women just as much as men need to know what equality is and start acting it.

Abdallah Haj Abed said...

Seriously, lately I have seen more feminist men than women. Women are either giving up or don't mind the inequality? (not adressing feminist women)

Ali said...

That makes my stomach sick, not because older women in Jordan are not smart enough because thats not true but because they got used to being opressed by their selfish, ego, lazy husbands