November 11, 2008

Just In Case You're Going to Thailand

..don't fall asleep in a bus.

A 23-year-old Thai man who woke up with a cockroach in his ear on a public bus has sparked a public health drive to improve sanitation. Kittipong Khamdong, who had taken an overnight bus from Khon Kaen province to Chiang Mai Monday, awoke in the middle of the night with an unwanted passenger lodged in his left ear, the Bangkok Post reported.

At the first pit stop in Phitsanulok, Kittipong dashed to the bathroom and managed to remove the cockroach with a cotton bud but suffered a severe ear bleed and tinnitus, a roaring sensation in the inner ear.



Nas said...

hahahaha just in time. my best friend is about to honeymoon in thailand.

Shaden said...

that's just disgusting..ewwwwwww :S

Saed Tillawi said...

I never knew cockroaches were such ballsy, daring creatures.

I say go Mr. Cockroach, go where no cockroach has ever been; well-played.