January 9, 2009

Something's Going Down Today

Riot police are lining up all the way from the protest tents in Rabieh up to the hill leading to the embassy. They're all holding batons and shields, and carrying in small boxes what I suspect to be teargas. There's a tank at every exit and some roads leading up to the embassy are closed.

This is probably why.

Allah yostor.

UPDATE: After two hours of being allowed to protest, clashes between the protesters and the police started taking place. The protesters threw rocks at the police and tried to advance toward the embassy, so the police dispersed the crowds with teargas and water cannons. For updated info check 7iber's watwet channel.


The Observer said...

Allah yostor!

Anonymous said...

Throwing rocks at Jordanian police forces? Who work so hard to keep this country safe?
It is so hypocritical to use violence in the act of condoning violence itself. I hope people will realize that soon.

Saed said...

Yeah I tihnk protesting is just a way for people to let their frustrations out; no matter what the reason for their frustration is.

Ya3ni mshan alla, they're gonna actually make it to the embassy with rocks? o.O

I bet they knew it won't work. Their message would have made it out there better probably if they just stood there not breaking things [legally protesting].