February 27, 2009

Are You Prepared?

Can't wait to hear radio stations refer to snow as الزائر الأبيض (the white visitor)

Or to watch JTV for that one time a year when your satellite dish has accumlated snow and doesn't receive any other channels.

Or to watch everything come to a halt regardless of whether it actually does snow. The anticipation of snow is enough to do that here.

Or to call the electric company 15 times a day to get them to send someone to fix that wire across the street.

I love this time of year!


kinzi said...

LOL, me too. If I had a dinaar for every time a kid asked "Is it snowing yet?" I'd be going to Kinda for the full spa treatment.

They were so banking on no school tomorrow they weren't going to do their homework, lol. Nipped that in the bud.

7aki Fadi said...

You forgot one more thing, the endless play of the song:
" talj talj 3am bitshaty ildunia talj" by Fairouz. They keep playing it and playing it.

Anonymous said...

Well, I just hope it'll snow soon. But I'm not so optimistic this time, it's raining heavily, bbut with no signs of snow, I hate that.

ahmad dark 1987 said...

wallah neyalkom , am now in kuwait and i see it freakin hot here. i really miss seeing the snow

Dori said...

I had left the country right before the big storm last year, and haven't managed to make plans to come back. I'm kinda annoyed I missed it. We don't get much snow where I am now, just rain and ice.

Saed said...

Fun thing is that it won't even snow :P

Ali said...

Its sunday evening and I'm still hopeful!