March 28, 2009

Earth Hour 2009: Turn Your Lights Off!

  • Where?

  • What?
Turn your lights off

  • When?
Today from 8.30 till 9.30 PM

  • Why?
To raise awareness about Global Warming, Amman is one of the participating cities in the global campaign Earth Hour. Several streets in Amman will be turning off their lights.

There will also be a candlelit march in Rainbow St. in Jabal Amman at 8.30.

The irony is that I have two electric circuits exams tomorrow. Ugh.


Anonymous said...

Hi five!

Anonymous said...

only Amman !!?
so let us set our candles

Farah said...

Tha2ir, *high fiving back!*

eNas, haha my mistake! Wherever you are, actually. :)

nasimjo© said...

hmm ... i'm wondering how much will this happen in such an "everything dependent city" like amman!

anyway, im at the office in a 4 walls no window room... i have no problem turning everything off and keeping just my laptop ON (even the radio, im listening already via streaming :D) ...

Good luck with ur circuits exams ... never had luck in them ;) it was a useless course 4me afterall :D