May 14, 2009

If Zain Send Me One More Message....

No I don't want to know the Manchester Barcelona game score or whatever that message was about, I don't want to receive your health tips and I most certainly don't want to send a joke so I can be "rewarded" by receiving two free jokes (oh joy!). So STOP sending 10 stupid message a day, or take your wonderful world and shove it somewhere. Jeeeez.


Saed said...

Join the "screw me with pointless SMS" service. Send "harder" to 00100. SMS costs 100fils.

Why don't you just call them or something and complain about the messages?

مياسي said...

one of their last silly msgs:
"Get to know where to go at Thursday night"

"download new ring tones bla bla bla"

I stopped checking my msgs along time ago, coz most of time they are Zain ones. or I just delete them from the title without reading!!!

Really Boring :-S

nasimjo© said...

switch to umniah :)

the only messages you might get are, "you have 60 mins free to spend this month :) "