January 25, 2009

Honor Crimes in 2009: Two & Counting

Zarqa criminal prosecutor has referred a 17-year-old youth, who confessed to murdering his younger sister over the weekend, to a juvenile court for further questioning.

The suspect, confessed to stamping on his 13-year-old sibling’s head several times with his boots, then stabbing her 30 times at their family home on January 21, to defend his family’s honour, a senior official source said.

The suspect then headed to the nearest police station and handed officers on duty a dagger which he claimed he “used to stab and kill his sister”, according to the source.

In his initial testimony, the suspect told investigators that he killed his sister after learning from his friends that a man gave her a piece of paper with his phone number written on it.

“The victim informed her mother about the paper and when the suspect came home he grabbed a knife and stabbed his sister, who denied any wrongdoing,” the source said.

The victim was rushed to hospital with multiple stab wounds to her chest, stomach, liver and back, but she was declared dead on arrival, according to the official source.

A postmortem conducted by government pathologists indicated that the victim was not sexually active.

What's going to happen to the brother? Well since he is a juvenile, he'll spend some time in some juvenile correctional centre at best then leave with a clear criminal record.


Criminal Prosecutor has charged a 73-year-old man with the manslaughter of his younger divorced sister in the second reported so-called honour crime since the beginning of the year.

The 19-year-old victim received three bullets to her head and chest.

The suspect claimed that he killed his sister due to “accusations by her ex-husband that she had a bad reputation and because she went missing from her home on several occasions”.

He told investigators that he shot his sister after seeing her attempting to leave the house without his knowledge, and also claimed that he had carried a gun for the past 30 years.

“These are all claims by the suspect, but we have expanded our investigations and are currently questioning the victim’s family members,” the official source said.

A senior judicial source confirmed to The Jordan Times on Saturday that 18 people were killed in so-called honour crimes last year in the Kingdom.


The same disgustingly violent, ridiculous rituals of these crimes happening over and over again and nobody is doing a single thing about it. It's like honor crimes have become integrated into the country's traditions and customs.

And nobody is doing a damn thing about it.

And I don't understand how are we to change any stereotypes about us when murderers of innocent women are being set free.

It's sickening.


Salma said...

Cant agree more, very sickening. i just wonder sometimes that how those so called fathers , brothers live with themselves after those crimes, how do they deal with it? do they feel any remorse or guilt?

the picture is very dark, and the society, the whole society is a culprit because of the silence and indirect acceptance!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the brutality of stomping a 13 year old's head. Viciousness.

SimSim said...

these actions come from ignorance and lake of faith … this is what I call such vicious behaviors … they deserve the death penalty

Anonymous said...

It's been an F'ed up year so far! These [dis]honor crimes seriously need some serious thinking and a lot of action to STOP. People need to get educated that life is worth more than their worthless "honor"
It's sickening!

Anonymous said...

people still do stuff over el sharaf seriosly someone should encourage the motto 'el sharaf 2araf' it's lame but when are we going to upsize our mentality

Anonymous said...

Very sick indeed!

What kind of fucked up mentality is this? You brutally kill your sister just so people won't talk shit about you?

This people do not value life at all and that is the problem.

Anonymous said...



Saed said...

"The suspect, confessed to stamping on his 13-year-old sibling’s head several times with his boots, then stabbing her 30 times at their family home on January 21, to defend his family’s honour, a senior official source said."

how honorable...

Anonymous said...

Personally I blame their families and society for giving the males such a superior authority.

In the first case ya3ni for God's sake she's only 13!!!!

Anonymous said...

I recon! Thanks so much for providing this imformation cuz its th eonly thing I can find for an important school assignment!