May 8, 2009

Queen Rania Joins Twitter!

I have a LOT to complain about when it comes to how our country is run, but one thing I love is how the Royal Family are humble and try to stay connected with the people, especially technologically speaking. First a YouTuber, now Queen Rania has moved on to the next popular internet craze, Twitter, the microblogging website. She started her account only yesterday and has updated her status over 17 times. It's the real deal, in case you're wondering, her account has been confirmed by the Royal Court.

It seems that as with her YouTube page, the Queen intends to use this website to raise awareness about certain issues, this time being educating children. In her first and second tweets she says: "Salaam! Last time you heard from me, we worked together to breakdown stereotypes. This time, I want us to tweet together to get every child an education."

But what will probably interest you more are the personal tweets which give people an amazing insight into her life as a royalty. Check these out:
  • Wknd begins for us, watching Matthew McConaughey in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. Glad I'm not single. It's vicious out there!
  • Nice movie to watch with girls; husband (real life action man) mumbling "chickflick!'' under breath. Spoilsport. Just kidding! Watch it... (haha my favorite)
  • Just choppered to airport to receive Pope. Husband piloting, he got acrobatic to quiet butterflies in stomach :) told u he was action man
  • Taking kids 2 meet Pope, just about convinced eldest 2 wear suit. Now negotiating with my 4 yr old!

Queen Rania is following 23 people at the time of this post, including Oprah, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Al Gore. She has over 3000 followers, and is personally replying to some of the messages people are sending her. Can't wait to see what she's coming up with next! I sure hope the King makes his own account.

Oh and in her bio, she describes herself as "A mum and a wife with a really cool day job.." Haha, you gotta love her!

h/t: The Observer


The Observer said...

We sure love her :)

Anonymous said...

@QueenRania: Look at me. I am the brighter side of Jordan. Sure Jordan is in a constant state of decline. But who cares so long as I look good on TV. Sure poor Jordanians who once found salvation in our educational system will get Royally screwed by declining quality of education and their children will be worse off then their parents, but who cares so long as my children and yours and other rich Jordanian children can go to my expensive country club schools. And don't you love my initiatives and competitions that YOU the poor Jordanian people have to pay for just to make me look good. Yes, Jordana is heading south fast and soon we will be competing with Mozambique over the bottom spot. But don't let this discourage you fellow Jordanians. Because me and my family will always look good on TV.

Anonymous said...

shouldn't she have more urgent matters to tend to?

Ali Dahmash said...

seriously this is very cool! how inspirational!

Saed said...

Lol she seems awesome.

Hopefully this DOES SOMETHING

People without an education can't even access twitter >.>

Oh well hope she knows what she's doing.


Saed said...

Hmm anon.
At least she does something.
And she does help the image of Jordan.
And you have a point, she does seem to be doing stuff to get along with other bigshot celebrities, alongside Oprah. But whatever her aim, it does help Jordan.

Equality-wise, no.
Tourism, I tihnk it does.
But are we the people getting anything from her work, I don't think so, but then again I don't have concrete proof to say she's doing nothing but look good on TV.

I have to say you have a good point.
Economically Jordan will fluorish in my opinion, the king has a plan for it, so I'm thinking it would go well.

But the gap between lower and higher classes are major, and I believe they create many of the dumb-bum, sick things that go on in Jordan.

I really think giving the people more income would make them less greedy and less of bum-holes (I didn't use curse words for you Farah! And it saddens me btw >.>).

Maybe when the country has a good economy people would get paid more.

Governmental workers should be especially considered.

Grand finale,
poop poopity poop poo

I'm done. Good luck Queen Rania, I (we; if you guys agree) appreciate the effort.

sor3at allah (godspeed)

PS sorry farah mdabbesh love ya!

Anonymous said...
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Shmal said...

Anonymous, Queen Rania spreads awareness through YouTube and Twitter to those who can access the internet, but that doesn't mean she doesn't reach out to the less privileged people in Jordan. Pick up a paper or ask about her humanitarian acts not only in Jordan. Maybe people should be more well-read before attacking our Queen.

formally anonymous said...

Did it acure to you most of the people she follows are white European ,and non is jordanian or an arab? and that by it self should tell us where is her interests and concerns are?

Anonymous said...

And that how another Jordanian blogger view twitter It’s been almost a month since I last wrote here. I’ve been mainly microblogging on Twitter, but I found that Twitter lacks depth. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun, but it’s also superficial. It’s like a cheap hooker when you want a passionate, loyal companion.

الأردني الحر said...

Is Qeen Rania is going to report this story on Twitter or YouTube

الأردني الحر said...

Shmal ,It seems you are lost and have no clue ,just like the rest of all Jordanian blogger who are busy worshiping royal personalities