September 10, 2009

What's the Deal With Quest?

Ok so it seems a lot of people are entering this supposedly lucrative business of network or multilevel marketing, namely this company called Quest. If you've been approached, probably one of your friends or acquaintances has tried to wow you with this fascinating presentation about the business. You can become a millionaire with the least effort possible, all you have to do is buy JD500 worth of their so-called unique online products and you're in. Now what you have to do is keep making these presentations for people in order to recruit them so they'd buy the products in turn. And the more people you recruit, the more money you make.

Frankly I've done some research about it, and the whole thing is just too fishy, I'm not buying it. Their products are incredibly overpriced and you can only get them if you want to get in the business. Old members have to recruit new members in order to make money, but won't this have to stop at some point? Eventually the new members will be unable to recruit any more members, the very basis of what is called a pyramid scheme. Moreover, they fascinate you with their endorsements from FIFA and United Nations (even the Vatican!) but when I actually looked it up, I couldn't find a source other than the Quest websites themselves to verify this information.

Now some people I know have actually made some money already, but I fear they're making it from their friends and family who may very well lose. So my question is, does anyone know anything about this?


Shmal said...

I need someone to explain this shit to me, cause I heard about a balance okay, so basically you're right side has to be equal to your left side otherwise you don't get paid. Meaning, you have to have the same number of people on your right and your left. So if one of your friends fucks up, you're basically fucked. My friend also bought a watch for like 500JD and the customs charged him extra for it and la 7ad 3elme, he still hasn't received it yet. 3anjad shu el gossa?

kinzi said...

DON'T BELIEVE A WORD OF IT. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

I was in Amway, the original multi-level marketing scam.

You only make money by keeping the chain going, which means bringing your friends and acquaintences. You starting having people contact you from way back, seem to want to get together again, then drop the 'business plan'.

Add the glam of quick easy money to family obligation and tribal ties, and you have a big mess on your hands when it all falls apart.

The people in Amway who make the most money do so off the sales of their motivational material and seminars, which become a part of the mentality of success.

It takes a lot to get me to swear, but I will label this BULLSHIT in caps to underline my disgust.

Farah said...

Shmal, just make sure you don't get into the whole thing, and tell your friends to be careful.

Kinzi, thanks, that was actually very helpful. I thought so too. I think this will end up getting outlawed like the financial investment companies.

Saed said...

Oh is this whole scheme thing on the rise again?

Yeah that was a creepy presentation when we went. And they keep it top secret beforehand aal, to increase the effect of it.

Muhanad said...

I work in quest , joined it 4 months ago, for now i have 78 people under me and my network is not totally balanced but i got a lot of commissions, am not saying that because i want you to sign in under my network or something, am saying that because its the truth, firstly yah you start taking money from your family and friends but after a while and specially when you success in this work you will start getting money from people you never met or heard about, people from China maybe or from India but it was my decision to start with my friends as i want them to help me in getting this bigger so that me and them will start getting paid from other people and so on, its an infinite loop.

I respect quest methodology but i think people in Jordan are not showing you the truth about quest as they only want you to join them and they dont know that its the wrong way to success in business.

PS: anyone want to know more about this you can contact me on my email
Owner of Golden Games Company

Muhanad said...

oh righ and its not a pyramid scheme, its a binary system.

they are totally different from each others.

Anonymous said...

Or a Ponzi scheme.
This is a scam, and anybody involved in this should get out before its too late..

Lets say you join their company, now in order to make money others have to join under your so called "network", and for those others they have to recruit people as well etc etc.. so there is no practical investment in this whole thing.. people should be careful..

For a better understanding of what a Ponzi scheme is, google MADOFF.

NasEr said...

man...this kind of schemes is here longgggg time ago,i remember a friend of MY FATHER WHEN I WAS A KID proposing something of the same kind with pharmasutical product called "Herbalife" I still recall the name,my dad didn't get involved,later at my teenage years there was this "buisnass" company in Jordan,same story,all ppl I know hwo i couldn't convince not to get in lost their money ,now MY OWN BROTHER is determined he wants to get in with quest,i showed him a lot of stuff online about pyramid scheme and such but he's stubborn , bottom line,you can make some money off of it but it'll have to become the center of your life to just contact ppl and explain and convince them,and of course once they get bored of it the blame is on you.

Anonymous said...

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