June 25, 2008

12 Parliament Members Demand Cancelling Jordan Festival

Yesterday, the Lower House of the Parliament was scheduled to discuss legislation on transportation, maritime authority and rights of people with disabilities during their session. So what do they end up doing? They propose cancelling the Jordan Festival scheduled for next July due to the "economic and financial circumstances" Jordanians are going through.

The proposal was filed by none other than Nariman Roussan, who was surprised at her colleagues' hesitation to sign the memo, which she describes as 'normal'. This whole incident comes after several complaints about the organizing company, a French company suspected of supporting Zionism for organizing events celebrating 60 years of Israel's existence.

Now if they had objections to the company, which is perfectly okay, then why not suggest changing the company instead of cancelling the whole event. But not during a parliamentary session that was supposed to discuss more pressing issues, and not under the excuse of "economic circumstances". Trust me if Roussan or any of the other signing members really cared about impoverished Jordanians they would've donated some of their lifelong monthly JD1500 salary. If people don't want to go, they won't, but you do not get to decide for them.

Enough with the BS. And someone has GOT to stop Roussan from talking. Seriously.


The Observer said...

Besides, it is meant to support Jordanian tourism that would help our economy! The idea is getting more money here not less!

ArabianMonkey said...

It's sad how petty and pathetic people without a plan are! Why aren't Roussan et al developing, building, suggesting workable solutions rather than wasting oxygen?!

When the clueless call for boycots and cancellations, they are building nothing. The only losers in such a cancellation are the participating artists themselves and the smaller vendors and supporting services.

Oh, and PS: Publicis is a company that has done a lot of work in and with Jordan for years. Saba7 il kheir!!