June 25, 2008

Members of the Parliament Receive a Raise

That's right. Our beloved parliament members have received a JD500 raise. The MPs' original salary included a basic salary of JD1500 a month, in addition to about JD466 for expenses making their total salary JD1960 a month. The raise introduced a new "hospitality" allowance, as well as an extra JD150 for phone expenses, bringing their grand total to JD2460 a month.

The new raise was granted after the members filed a top secret memo demanding a raise. Gee, I wonder why the memo was top secret. Maybe because they didn't want the general public to realise what hypocrites they are. Notice how this comes a day after a number of MPs demanded the cancellation of the Jordan Festival due to the "extenuating financial circumstances" that Jordanians are going through.

So let's recap on their accomplishments so far. I mean they must have done something to earn their raise. Anything?

1 comment:

ArabianMonkey said...

Yeah.... They massaged some egos. They patted some backs. They humored empty rhetoric. They practiced double standards. They ceased an opportunity. Carpe diem!