July 22, 2008

The Growth of Extremism in Jordan

Jordanian security officials say nine militants have been arrested in connection with a shooting attack near the capital's Roman amphitheater.

One of those arrested is the father of the teenage Palestinian gunman who shot and wounded six people last Wednesday before he shot and seriously wounded himself the head.

Initially, officials have said gunman Thaer al-Weheidi had no links to terror groups. But on Monday, the security officials said they were investigating possible links with extremist groups.


The arrested were part of the Salafi Jihadi stream, the movement responsible for breeding many terrorists, including the notorious Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi.

After the Jordan suicide bombings back in 2005, Jordan called for war against religious extremism and the whole Takfiri culture. But come to think of it, what reforms have really been made? Terrorist attacks are only symptoms of the problem, and clearly the problem, being extremism, is still prevalent and growing. In 2006, a gunman shot a Briton to death, also in the Roman amphitheater, while shouting "God is great".

We have the perfect recipe for extremism here: boredom, resentment, frustration, poverty. Drastic changes need to be made, and they need to be made now, if we are to prevent any further attacks. Like one of my commentators said, you can't have mosques preaching about death to infidels every Friday and then expect everything to be okay. What are we waiting for? Another suicide bombing?

[Ironically enough, the gunman's family has issued a statement condemning the attack by their relative and voiced their allegiance to the country and it's leadership. Yeah, okay.]


Mohanned said...

You know what B.S is? This is B.S. The guy's father was one of the afghan arabs. Salafis enjoy freedom in jordan, they roam the streets freely, they preach freely and there is nothing the government can do about it. And as rev. Right of obama said: The chickens came home to roost.

jafar said...

yes, it's rather frighting to witness the growth of extremism in jordan. in jordan, there are two forms of extremism, one feeds the other.

the one that triggers all forms of extremism is official extremism. the treasonous collaboration with killers of Arabs such as the Bush administration and the zionists and the selling of the country and the rampant shameless normalization with the zionists, the shameless politics of division aimed at dividing muslims into Sunnis and shiites and the other shameless politics of divisions that seeks to divide Jordanians into west and east bankers. all of these horrific forms of extremism and treason drive Jordanians mad and breeds counter extremism in the form of religious extremiems and before it nationalistic extremism and before it communist extremism. the fact is the Jordanian regime knows its survival is rooted in creating threats it can use as an excuse to show how it can be of use to the US and Israel. today, it's playing the counter islamist card. before, it crushed the nationalists and before the communists. they were never a threat, they were elevated into a threat.