July 21, 2008

Nothing Much

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately. I am definitely not helping with the boring blog status 7aki was talking about. The news is boring, same nonsense that makes you want to jump off a cliff. The difference is I haven't been in the mood to discuss it and depress myself. And I can't find anything else decent to talk about. I didn't think I'd be suffering from a writer's block this early. Ugh. But here you go, in a desperate attempt for a post, enjoy this obscenely hilarious video from Maz Jobrani. :D

P.S. I finally got my laptop. Praise the Lord. An Acer 5620G. It's a nice laptop.


7aki Fadi said...

hehehe Farah, I never find your blog boring actually. All the blogs on my blog roll are the NON boring ones ;).

And Mazz is soooo funny! Love the guy.

Anonymous said...

congrats for your laptop. I really didn't expect you to get it.

Abu Daoud said...

I thought this news was interesting:
Jordan what human rights


asoom said...

I saw this guy live, he's hilarious!

Tololy said...

I will marry Jobrani one day and have him dance for me.

Farah said...

7aki, haha well thank you! :)

Asoom, I envy you!! :)

Tololy, hahahaha that's a good plan!

Saed said...

Lame!! :P

I'm bored :>