October 4, 2008

Bab El 7ara Mania

Silly me, I thought it couldn't get any worse than the obsession with the notorious Noor and Muhannad. But we sure take our entertainment very seriously.

Attempting to recreate the famous show, a group of youngsters renamed two areas in Tla'a il Ali, Amman into "7aret Shaker" and "7aret al Bostan" after the tv show Bab il 7ara, and then ignited a fight between the two "7aras" that was broken up by the police.

Now I understand the show's popularity with the older demographic: the nostalgia towards old values and traditions in a modern society now, but I really wonder why so many young people find it appealing. I mean, even my 11 year-old cousins were avid followers of the show.

But like Noor, this show's popularity will also remain a conundrum that baffles me. Oh well.


Qwaider قويدر said...

You know, when I was growing up both in Jordan and Kuwait, we had 7aras, and they would occasionally be fights between the 7arat. Sometimes, more than one 7ara would join in the fight! So I don't think it's new. I don't think it ever went away really. But I have been out of the "7ara" for 10 years, so I wouldn't know :)

In the gulf they call it "Fireej" and "Rabi3". While in geographical Sham it's 7ara, qabadayat/zgertat and in Egypt 7itta and the fotwwat and gid3an. So I think ... it's always been there

Zait o Za3tar said...

i think we are taught that the old days are better. You always hear everyone being nostalgic for the old days, and complaining about our not as good and convoluted present days.

The Observer said...

I don't think it is nostlagia to old days. It is more of a comical exaggeration of old left values. Because if the nostlagia argument is true, Nour wouldn't be that popular as well, no?

Farah said...

Qwaider, maybe it's always been there, but when it escalates into actually taking over areas and starting fights that have to be broken up by the police, well that's just stupid.

Zait o za3tar, ya i agree!

Observer, I think it's the result of boredom and extreme stupidity, actually.

Nicole said...

I think these people just don't have a life, and thus they obsess with the fake lives of others. At least the folks who gossip for a living are just gossiping about fake characters and not their real family, so maybe that is a good thing?

Ahlam said...

Ohhhh so that's why there was a huge fight in my neighbourhood the other day! between a bunch of children.. and minutes later we saw lots of police cars outside trying to break up the fight i guess :S so it was all about bab il 7ara! :S:S !