October 5, 2008

What Your Tax JDs Are Paying For

مجلس الوزراء قرر في الجلسة التي عقدها قبل اسبوعين منح اعفاءات جمركية لسيارات اعضاء مجلس النواب. وبموجب القرار فان آلية حصول النواب على الاعفاء ستكون بالحصول على كتاب بهذا الخصوص من دائرة الجمارك اعتبار من اليوم للتوجه لشراء ما يرغبون من انواع السيارات.وحصل نواب في المجالس النيابية السابقة على اعفاءات جمركية فيما حصل نواب المجلس النيابي الرابع عشر على تسهيلات جمركية ومالية فقط للحصول على سيارات


As if a JD2460 a month salary is not enough, now our lovely Parliament members are entitled to duty free cars, all paid for by us, the naive Jordanians who helped elect them in the first place. And to do what? To go and throw water and juice cups on each other. Great. Long live democracy.


Mohanned said...

It is not all about your tax money, forget that. First of all, those are against the basic right of equality, like on what basis they get this privilage?
Second, the budget recieves lots of aid from countries like the US of A and saudi arabia, this money is for buying stability, you know for giving money away , a makromeh here and there, some houses there, some scholarships, more hiring..you know the drill..

Then it is not your tax money, they are not taking money, they are simply not paying the duty money. I think you can recall the army duty free cars, it is the same thing.

The funny thing is that they didn't actually give money in the army-thing, they just moved the money from one hand to another by allowing them to sell the privilage.Slick mofos.

I think US tax payers should be more pissed.

Ali said...

Nothing is gonan change if we remain quiet and non vocal, welcome to Arab Democracy