July 6, 2009

Free Hugs in Jordan!

Yes, yes, I'm a terrible blogger I know it. But this I just have to blog! Remember this video? It's one of my favorite videos ever. Well apparently the Sunny FM people got one of their employees to dress up in a ridiculously stupid costume and carry the Free Hugs sign around different places in Jordan, just like Juan Mann, the man who originally started the campaign. I kinda wish I would've bumped into them, but man what's with the costume?

But Jordanians, you need to get better at the hugging business. Maybe what we needed was a free cheek-kissing campaign. Now that we would be good at! Anyway kudos for Sunny for thinking this up! And for the brave dude who went around Jordan offering hugs. Maybe the purpose of the costume was protection against being beaten up? Kidding, kidding, we're very friendly people. Most of the time.


Mohammad B. Irshid said...

Free hugs?! In Jordan?!!! Why not? I look at this man as a great person, and this event really cool. Using this thing may be someone can draw a smile and someone else can ؤollect donations to help a charity or an foundation.
Great man!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome!, A friend a mine tried to do the FREE HUGS at abdoun and he got arrested, Good this one happened without any problems.

Maher Jilani said...

hahahah I would love to do that! If I can do that at Souq Jara! a hug for nos leera! how cool would that be!

I wonder... ! How many girls would pay nos leera to get a hug!